Sunday, May 18, 2014

DIY Your Own Crib Sheet

Ever looked at crib sheets and thought, It costs that much? - and you're not even getting anything really special or cute - in my opinion anyway.  Crib sheets can cost anywhere between $8-$40, maybe more.  Ouch!  When you think about how many sheets a baby could go through and if you are a working mom, like me, you wash on the weekend, that can be a lot of crib sheets!

Even if you buy the cheapest ones, that can add up quick.

$8 x 6 sheets = $48

And that is just an estimate.  If you are like me and you want to take care of all contingencies - be that mom who says - It's okay.  I got this. - and whips out a fresh sheet, you might even have more than 6 crib sheets in your stash.  I know, I am likely a little too conservative in this regard, but I have been caught off guard before.  And I like being prepared.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Fixing a Knit Hole in a Soccer Warmup Suit

We inherited this great German soccer warmup suit from my nephew.  It has the logo of their local German soccer club, which is from the same little village where my husband grew up, so I know that it means a lot to my husband, and well it is just plain cool for any soccer loving kid.

There is just one teeny problem - holes - two to be precise.  Another addition to my Project Patch Series.

Who knew I would be fixing holes that other kids put in their clothes?  Granted, I am fixing the warmup suit so that my children can wear it.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Table Centerpiece

I started working on this lovely little candle centerpiece last fall and finished it a few weeks ago.  You might ask yourself why it has taken me so long to post about it.

One word, okay two - taking pictures.

We have a single table that we eat on, entertain on, do homework on, play on, etc, and since Christmas, it was cluttered with newspapers that didn't get recycled for a few days on end, Christmas legos, Thomas the train (including track), and other miscellaneous items that never seemed to be put away, or were brought back despite my efforts to put them away.

Recently, we had guests over, and I won my table back from the mess.  Phew!  So, now I could take pictures of my creation where it belonged, on the table.