Friday, December 26, 2014

Bad Velcro Bib

Disclaimer:  I did not make this bib.  I made it better.  :)

If you have kids, you have bibs, and there are all kinds of closures: snaps, velcro, and bad velcro.  There is a lot to like about this bib, including the side closure, which I love to have on my bibs.  What I don't like is the bad velcro.  It is always falling off my baby because it won't stick to itself, but it always sticks to everything else, especially in the wash.  Boo!

Since I had my third child 3 months ago, I have been crafty, but the bigger projects still elude me.  Between feeding and napping and just trying to keep the rest of the household working, I don't have much time for the bigger projects... yet.  So, today, I had a moment of brilliance, and I was going to solve my bad velcro problem for good.

My solution:  KAM snaps.  (My KAM snap setter has to be one of my favorite crafting tools.)

I examined the material of the bib and determined that the fabric of the bib would be sufficient to handle the stresses of a KAM snap closure.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Before You Trash It

Recently, we just had our 3rd child (You can read about her amazing VBAC delivery.), and since we do things slower than other folks, the baby seat that our oldest used was older than the recommended 5 years.  It had been used twice - with our oldest and our second, and besides being subject to the rigors of weather (hot and cold) while installed in our car, it also endured almost 6 years in our attic.  So, when I pulled it down for our third child and the stickers practically fell off of it, I thought it might be time for a new car seat for our newest little angel. 

When I went to look into giving it to the Goodwill, I discovered that they would no longer take it because of its age, and then when I looked to recycle it, I found that in my entire state (Virginia) there was no recycling program for car seats.