Saturday, October 1, 2016

Free New Kitchen Table

We, or rather I, have been looking for a new kitchen table for a while now.  We are by no means poor, but let's say we are relatively frugal, and I wasn't interested in paying much for a new kitchen table that my children would use their silverware as implements to distress the tabletop.

Our old table had reached its capacity at 6 with the leaf, and we are a family of 5. 

That didn't leave much room for guests.  And while we are relatively boring, we do like company.  Our lovely little house couldn't handle a table at its every day length of more than 6 feet, so we were limited in our low budget choices.  My father had a coworker who was moving, and he was very generous to offer to purchase her dining room table, but it measured a whopping 6 feet 8 inches.  Those 8 inches would have blocked the door to our hallway.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Most Awesome Stencil Ever

 This has to be one of my favorite stencils so far.  It took me several nights to complete all the cuts.  But the end result was worth it.

I found this awesome art on pinterest (the better image on right).  Now the artist, Stephanie d'Entremont, has several incredible Star Wars pieces, but the R2-D2 one really intrigued me.

I could wax on and on about all the things that I love about this piece of art, or I can get to the good stuff - pictures.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Jeans Leg Scarf

I have had 2 reactions to my Jeans Leg Scarf:  “Um, that’s the leg from a pair of jeans.” and “That is so cool!”  Now, I am paraphrasing, but both quotes sum it up. 

When I saw my inspiration, which also used a jeans leg, I thought, “Cool idea!”, which is why I made mine.  So here is hoping you like it just as much as I do.

  • A pair of old, thrifted or - hole in the crotch so they are ruined for just about anything but scrap jeans
  • Some cool coordinating fleece to line the scarf and keep it warm
  • Kamsnaps or other closure element
  • Sewing machine, scissors, rotary cutter, straight edge, thread, etc.