Saturday, October 1, 2016

Free New Kitchen Table

We, or rather I, have been looking for a new kitchen table for a while now.  We are by no means poor, but let's say we are relatively frugal, and I wasn't interested in paying much for a new kitchen table that my children would use their silverware as implements to distress the tabletop.

Our old table had reached its capacity at 6 with the leaf, and we are a family of 5. 

That didn't leave much room for guests.  And while we are relatively boring, we do like company.  Our lovely little house couldn't handle a table at its every day length of more than 6 feet, so we were limited in our low budget choices.  My father had a coworker who was moving, and he was very generous to offer to purchase her dining room table, but it measured a whopping 6 feet 8 inches.  Those 8 inches would have blocked the door to our hallway.

So, when one of my bonko ladies told me her friend had a free table (as in if we couldn't use it, it would be gifted to Goodwill), and the dimensions were spot on, without the leaf, I jumped.  This table without the leaf, was 2 inches longer and 2 inches wider than our old kitchen table.

It was perfect.

It was FREE.

It was expandable, if we have guests.

There was one catch.  The owner's dog had rather liked to chew on the legs.

I, being a mom of 3 young children, was not daunted by that.  Free is free, and as long as the table was sound, then I could make this table look awesome again, or better anyway.

Well, the table was sound, and I figured a little elbow grease and paint could make this table look good again.

I sanded down the gnaw marks left by the wayward canine on the table legs.  (I am told this pet was really a lovely dog, which I do not doubt.)  I also lightly sanded the entire table leg to make sure that my paint job would stick as well as it could.  Then, I broke out the Annie Sloan Chalk paint that I bought a few years ago.  (I just love that green.)

I used 2 coats of paint to make sure that I got good coverage.

The sanding and paint does a good job of masking those pesky teeth marks.  To tie in the paint on the legs, I painted the apron of the table to match.

I lightly sanded the apron before painting it as well.

My final step was to add 2 coats of poly.  The poly gave the paint a glossy look, but also allows me to wipe off food and other yuck that my children will surely apply in the table's service to my family without rubbing off the paint.

You can see how the poly adds the glossy look to the mat finish of the chalk paint.

I am supremely pleased with the result.

My best paint job ever!


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  1. That is alovely green on the legs Kelley. And with the poly topcoat it is sure to last you for many years.