Friday, April 18, 2014

Kids' Easy Bike Rack

A few weekends ago, I went into our tool house to get my bike out so I could ride to work, and I had to remove so many obstacles, that I was too late to ride to work, and as a result, boiling mad.  Several of the objects I had to move out of my way were my kids bikes that don't have kick stands, which my kids just haphazardly dump on their sides on the floor of the shed.

I had had the idea to build a bike rack out of spare 2x4s for the kids' bikes for a while, but this incident cemented my resolve to finish it quickly.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Diagonal Lines - Project Patch 2

I always ask my self how he he does it.

How does a 6-year-old blow out both knees in a pair of jeans in a matter of weeks?

I have theories, but without constant surveillance at school, I will never know.  And so my project patch series continues with some diagonal patches.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Creative Baby Announcements

Ever get tired of pregnancy announcements where you just get the ultrasound pictures?  Of course it means something special to the parents, because, well, it is their little peanut in there, but for the rest of us it could just be a little sea monkey as apposed to a baby.  Since we are expecting our 3rd, I wanted to make this announcement a bit more interesting and special at the same time, so I started with a little internet search on creative baby announcements.

Wow, there are a bunch of good ideas out there.  I love being surprised at how creative people can be.  It makes life more interesting.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Fort on a Rainy Weekend

As a parent after a what has seemed like a very LONG cold winter, when the weekend forecast in spring is 2 straight days of rain, you ask yourself what are you going to do with the kids who are already stir crazy?  Luckily, a fabulous idea came to me Saturday morning, while I was making breakfast for my family.

A fort!

I can count on my 2 hands the number of times my mom let me make one.  I understand, since it was pretty much up to her to fold the sheets back up.  You can't expect a 6-year-old to fold a full sized sheet back up, can you?  :)