Friday, April 18, 2014

Kids' Easy Bike Rack

A few weekends ago, I went into our tool house to get my bike out so I could ride to work, and I had to remove so many obstacles, that I was too late to ride to work, and as a result, boiling mad.  Several of the objects I had to move out of my way were my kids bikes that don't have kick stands, which my kids just haphazardly dump on their sides on the floor of the shed.

I had had the idea to build a bike rack out of spare 2x4s for the kids' bikes for a while, but this incident cemented my resolve to finish it quickly.

  • 2 2x4x8
  • 1 2x6x6
  • Wood Glue
  • 2" - 2 1/2" wood screws
  • Clamps
I had some spare 2x4 pieces and 1 whole 2x4x8 and 2x6x6.  My assumptions were that the bikes needed to have 3" of space to fit properly and remain upright.  I measured my kids wheels at their widest point, so measure your wheels before beginning, and make any necessary changes.

  • 7 2x4 cut to 21" (I figured this would allow some room for larger kid bikes)
  • 2 2x6 cut to 29.5", assuming your 2x4's are 3.5" wide and you wheel wells need to be 3" wide AND you want 4 bikes to fit.
Unfortunately, I mismeasured my 2x4's originally, and cut my 2x6's to 28 7/8" each.  Oops!  Oh well, I made do, and I will show you how in a bit.

Firstly, I did some light sanding to all the pieces to prevent splinters.

Then, I started by adding 2 of my cut 2x4s to each end of my 2x6's to raise the bottom a bit, in order to suspend the bikes front tire so the sides where the tire attaches to the frame will rest on the 2x4's and be stable and upright.  I secured each with wood glue and 2 2" screws at each end of the 2x4.  I recommend the drilling of pilot holes as I found that drilling pilot holes for the screws prevented the wood from splitting.

Next, I turned it over and started by adding one 2x4 to one end.  Like the 2 bottom 2x4s, I used wood glue and 2 2" screws to secure each end.  The following 2x4 was placed exactly 3 inches away from the first. 

I continued in this manner until I got to the end of my piece and figured out that I had measured my 2x4s incorrectly and cut my 2x6s too short.  Boo.

What to do?

Well, I decided that I would just add my last 2x4 and let it hang over a little.  While it isn't perfect (sigh), it is still very functional.

And it works perfectly!

I applied no stain or clear coat, since it will be out of the weather in our tool shed, and it seems rather pointless to make it too pretty when I know my boys will do their best to make it dirty.  :)

No more bikes lying around!  A mama can hope can't she?


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  1. I am really happy I came across your post about this bike! My daughter is three and we had used one of those that moms can push while the kid peddles (yeah right) and it’s been hopeless, even though it grows with you. I definitely have to see if we can push this for Christmas, that ski attachment is adorable, but I love that this is more kid friendly for them to use on their own.

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