Monday, December 23, 2013

Borusia Dortmund Scarf

Are you a soccer fan?  I couldn't care less, but my husband (and probably my sons) and my nephew are soccer or fussball fans of the highest caliber although they don't like the same team.

My husband is a Borussia Mönchengladbach fan, while my nephew is a Borussia Dortmond fan.  Apparently these things are very different.  Something I don't quite understand.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Felt Ornaments Tutorial - Sewing with Kids

Since my oldest was 4 he has liked making Christmas ornaments and decorations with me, and to be honest, he is the reason I have come up with more ideas in this area.  Last year it was bells and beads.  This year, I saw Delia's post about her felt ornaments (requires a sewing machine), and I thought I could do something kid friendly and get my son into sewing by doing something he enjoyed.

I had plenty of ribbon for the hanging part, but I needed some felt with corresponding colored floss (the sewing part).

Off I went to Walmart to raid the craft section.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Plant Stand with Casters Tutorial

I happen to love plants, gardens and growing things.  Sadly, I am not good at growing all things and have managed to lovingly kill some of my house plants, usually flowers of some sort, but bizarrely, I always manage to kill ivy when it is a pot, but I can't kill it in my yard without digging it up. 

Who knew?

I have 3 very large house plants that are a pain to move, say when you want to put your Christmas tree up in your largest window, which is usually where they sit.  Two of them are so large that I cannot move them without fear of hurting myself or my house, so I decided to build my own flower pot stands with casters.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Flannel Jammie Pants

One of my favorite bloggers - and boy is she talented - is Dana at  She has tons of tutorials and loves to make things for both boys and girls.  The boy part is important, since I have 2 of them.  If you go looking for sewing ideas for girls, it is like opening that stuffed closet where everything falls on top of you.

Not so for boys. 

Well, I found her, and I am sharing.

One of my favorite tutorials is how to make your own pants pattern for your child, boy or girl.  She even offers her own pdf version for 2T/3T-ish for free.  She also has a tutorial on how to make your own pants pattern based on clothing that you already have for you kids that you like.  I was already not super afraid of trying new stuff, but this has opened my world to so many new possibilities.

I feel free.  I feel inspired.  I know I can do anything.  That's right, I'm dangerously crafty.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Flannel Infinity Scarf

As so often happens, I found someone else's version of a sewn infinity scarf, and for once, except fabric choice, I planned on doing this project almost exactly like the one that inspired me.

If you haven't already clicked on the link above, you may be wondering who inspired me this time.  Made by Rae.  When it comes to sewing and sewing cool stuff for boys and girls she has fabulous ideas.  She is on my top 10 blogs to visit list when I get a chance to surf.  She has really made a business doing this (blogging), selling patterns and she even has her own fabric lines.  Um, a little envious here! 

Anywho, on to my version.  I totally loved this scarf.  Going loosely on her dimensions, I decided to cut mine 11-12in. wide and 2 yards long.  (I did say loosely, right?)