Thursday, December 12, 2013

Flannel Jammie Pants

One of my favorite bloggers - and boy is she talented - is Dana at  She has tons of tutorials and loves to make things for both boys and girls.  The boy part is important, since I have 2 of them.  If you go looking for sewing ideas for girls, it is like opening that stuffed closet where everything falls on top of you.

Not so for boys. 

Well, I found her, and I am sharing.

One of my favorite tutorials is how to make your own pants pattern for your child, boy or girl.  She even offers her own pdf version for 2T/3T-ish for free.  She also has a tutorial on how to make your own pants pattern based on clothing that you already have for you kids that you like.  I was already not super afraid of trying new stuff, but this has opened my world to so many new possibilities.

I feel free.  I feel inspired.  I know I can do anything.  That's right, I'm dangerously crafty.

Here is Dana's free pattern printed and cut out by yours truly.  (And yes, I used my kids toys to hold down and flatten the edges where it wanted to roll up.)

To make the flannel jammie pants, I pinned the 2 parts of the pattern together so that there would not be an outside seam to break up the train print on the flannel fabric. 

I made a copy of this seamless 'pattern' with thick interfacing for future use.

Based on Dana's pattern, I actually cut my fabric about 2 inches shorter at the waist and the ankles because I was planning on adding ribbed fabric to finish the pants instead of hemming them and folding down the top to make the waist.  The ribbed fabric at the top has elastic to keep it from falling off my little man's rump.  (Originally it didn't.  Whoops!) 

 Here they are modeled by my little jumping bean.

It took a few days to put together between kids and other activities, but all in all, probably no more than 2-3 hours total.  I love how the ribbed cuffs make the somewhat longish pants not too long, extending their usefulness from a few months to many months, and well, they look super cute.

This has to be one of my very first really wearable sewed garments.  I have sewed a lot of things, but thus far my clothing expeditions into actual clothing have not been this successful.

I love it.  Can't wait to try something else risky with my new skills.


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