Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Flannel Infinity Scarf

As so often happens, I found someone else's version of a sewn infinity scarf, and for once, except fabric choice, I planned on doing this project almost exactly like the one that inspired me.

If you haven't already clicked on the link above, you may be wondering who inspired me this time.  Made by Rae.  When it comes to sewing and sewing cool stuff for boys and girls she has fabulous ideas.  She is on my top 10 blogs to visit list when I get a chance to surf.  She has really made a business doing this (blogging), selling patterns and she even has her own fabric lines.  Um, a little envious here! 

Anywho, on to my version.  I totally loved this scarf.  Going loosely on her dimensions, I decided to cut mine 11-12in. wide and 2 yards long.  (I did say loosely, right?) 

So, I went on the hunt at Joann's, found my fabric - cute pink zebra flannel, and started searching for my pompom fringe.  Well, as much as I love Joann's, their pompom fringe was horrifically expensive (It was going to cost almost twice as much per yard than the flannel fabric I had chosen.), and their color choices were abysmal.


What I did find was some small pom pom or something fringe that came on its own 6 foot reel for $2.99, which in my mind at the time somehow translated to 6 yards, which would be plenty to line both sides of my 2 yard scarf.  The color combo was pretty pleasing, so I bought it.

Making one last ditch effort to find my pom pom fringe that didn't include buying it online, I trekked out to our closest Hobby Lobby.  They also did not have the pom poms I was looking for, but for another $2.99 I came home with 9 feet of a similar fringe.  Again, my moderately dyslexic brain read this as 9 yards, which would totally line both sides of my scarf and then some.

When I matched the trims to my fabric, the Hobby Lobby fringe matched better, so I made up my mind to use that one.  It was only when I actually started to work on the scarf, that I realized, I didn't have enough of either fringe to line both sides.  Lovely.

What to do?

I used a different fringe for each side.  Problem Solved.

Since both colors complimented the pink in the flannel, I had a feeling it would look like it was meant to be that way, and why not.  Some of the best things are made/discovered because of mistakes.

After sewing the fringe into the seems between my 2 pieces of flannel, I ironed one side flat, and

inserted the rough edge of the other side inside the scarf and pinned it in place. 

Finally, I sewed where they were connected and top stitched around both edges.  My cousin Steph modeled it for me at Thanksgiving.  Steph, you are beautiful!

She liked it so much that I think I will make a similar one for her!  I mean, who makes the exact same thing twice?  Usually not me!  Sometimes that is a good thing.

I hope you have enjoyed reading, and that your holidays were as fun and family filled as mine were.


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