Monday, December 23, 2013

Borusia Dortmund Scarf

Are you a soccer fan?  I couldn't care less, but my husband (and probably my sons) and my nephew are soccer or fussball fans of the highest caliber although they don't like the same team.

My husband is a Borussia M√∂nchengladbach fan, while my nephew is a Borussia Dortmond fan.  Apparently these things are very different.  Something I don't quite understand.

Well, I thought I might manage cool Tante (German for Aunt) Kelley this year for Christmas if I made a custom fussball fan scarf for my nephew, but I needed to find an image or pattern to imitate.

Well, I found this beaut of an image.  

It is a little different, but still contains all the important logo stuff.

Now what was I going to do with it?

I bought 2 yards each of non-pill black fleece and bumblebee yellow flannel at Joanns.  Each fabric was cut to approxiamately 11in. by 2 yards.

When I created my freezer paper stencil, I cut every 2 rays as one, since I didn't want to work on it FOREVER.  :)  I think it still turned out really well.

Oh, yeah she is beautiful.  I am fairly impressed with my exacto knife skills.

As you can see, I applied the logo to the yellow flannel, which means since Borussia Dortmund's colors are black and yellow, I need some black fabric paint.

Look at those crisp lines.  I even impressed myself with this one.

 Once I applied the same stencil on the other end of the scarf, I put both right sides together, pinned and sewed.

I flipped her inside out and ironed the edges to get her ready for top stitching.

I love the finished product.  I just hope my nephew appreciates it, especially since I forced Onkle Mario to model a scarf for the opposition.  It was a great sacrifice he has made for my little blog, and I love him for it.

The sacrifices you make for love.


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