Friday, January 3, 2014

Lego Star Ship Enterprise

To put things mildly, I am a Star Trek fan.  You may have already guessed this from the blog name.  I like Star Wars too - the ORIGINAL 3 movies, mind you - but I like Star Trek more than I like Star Wars, so much so, that I (with my husbands agreement, of course) gave both of my boys Star Trek inspired names.  When I was pregnant with my oldest, I watched Star Trek Insurrection (Next Generation) and there was a little boy named Artem.  So, he was christened Artem Forssell - Forssell being the last name of my husband's favorite soccer player at the time.  Our second son, Briggs Tiberius.  Briggs is a family name and Jim T. Kirk - the T is for Tiberius.  To put things in perspective, I love watching the films and movies, but I don't dress up like a character and go to conventions, although I am not ruling out a convention or two.  :)

After that super long explanation, I have been waiting anxiously for my oldest, who is six, to want to watch it with me.  With the most recent film, Star Trek Into Darkness, it finally happened!!

After watching to movie, he built his own version of the Enterprise from our bucket of legos and made his Mama proud.

He built it without any help, without any parental supervision, and without prodding from me, I promise.

I mean, look at that symmetry!

He put 2 matching nacelles and the main engine hull (that cilindrical thing on the bottom).

I just love it.

I remember watching reruns of the original series in the eighties and watching the movies for the first time.  When I showed my son my favorite one Star Trek IV, The Voyage Home - you know the one with the whales, my son told me, "I want to watch the real Captain Kirk", meaning Chris Pine and not William Shatner.

All I could do was laugh.

Ich wuensche euch allen ein Frohes Neues Jahr!  (Basically, Happy New Year in German.)


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