Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Pottery Barn Pillow Case Tutorial

You may or may not have been willing to pay for some Pottery Barn Kids bedding, but I have to tell you they got me with their Star Wars line.  Mind you, I waited and watched until I got a whopping 30% discount on 2 sets of 2 different Star Wars sheets sets.  (It has been my plan all along for my 2 boys to share a room.)

Well, let me rephrase that.  

I only bought a pillow case (not the sham which costs more) and a duvet cover from Pottery Barns Kids, and I bought a navy blue fitted sheet from Walmart which matched both sets so they are interchangeable.  That is how I was able to afford it.  It was still expensive from my point of view, but totally worth it.  They only had the Star Wars bedding and the Empire Strikes Back bedding when I bought them, for which I am eternally grateful.  I don't know if I could have made a decision with 2 more, just as cool options (Vader and Return of the Jedi too) that they now have.

Anywho, back on topic, I love the Pottery Barn pillowcases.  They have this neat little flap that keeps the pillow from coming out or the zipper from touching your skin.  Because I hate the cold bite of the metal zipper, I have conditioned myself to put the pillow in the pillowcase zipper first.  With this pillowcase there is no worry.

Look at it!  It makes me so happy.

So, when my cousin and his wife had their first little bundle of boy joy this past May, I just knew what I was going to make for them, um him, a cool as sin Star Wars matching toddler duvet and pillowcase with some of the coolest Star Wars fabric that I bought out at both Jo Ann's stores in my area when it was 40% off.  I know.  I went a little crazy..., but look at the fabric!

Pottery Barn Pillowcase Tutorial

  • 1 1/4 yards at least 42" wide
  • scissors
  • thread
  • pins
  • You get the idea.

Step 1
Cut the 2 pieces of fabric to 20.25 inches length-wise, assuming you are working with fabric which is at least 42" wide. 

Now you have 2 long pieces that are the entire width of your fabric, for example 2 pieces of 20.25" x 42".

Step 2
Create the normal 3 inch pillowcase band on side 1.

Since the design on the fabric that I used had a definite top and bottom, I had to make sure that I made the pieces right side up, so to say, which meant that the selvage on one side was a white strip, while the other one had the pattern all the way to the end.

If you have a frayed or unfinished selvage, you will need to take that into account when following my instructions.  For example, you may need or want to add an extra fold to hide the unsavory selvage.

Because the 3 inch band would be sewn down, I chose to use the piece with the white strip for the 3 inch band.  I folded it down and pressed it into place.
Next, I folded the piece down another 3 inches and pressed.

Step 3
Create the band and flap a-la-Pottery Barn on side 2.

Measure 9 inches.  Fold and press. 

Keep in mind that my fabric's selvage on this side continued the pattern all the way to the end.  If your fabric does not do this, you may want to fold and sew a pretty edge, and then measure 9 inches, fold and press.

Step 4
Cut the pillowcase sides to length.  Place the 2 folded edges together and pin the seams on the sides.  Measure 29.25" from the folded edges and cut.

Step 5
Pin the now unfinished bottom edge together.

Step 6
Take the 9 inch long band and flap on side 2 and flip it over to cover the short 3 inch band on side 1. Pin, sew, and serge or zigzag around the 3 unfinished edges, leaving the pillowcase opening alone.

Step 7
Pull the 9 inch band and flap back over to reveal the pillowcase opening and the lovely hidden seam that was just created.

Look at that beautiful seam.

Step 8
Press you pillow case band and your new lovely seam flat and pin.  Sew the 3 inch band continuously around the pillowcase opening.

This is easy on the non-flap side because you can follow your band edge with your sewing foot.  Maybe your machine has a really long seam allowance measuring doohickey, but mine doesn't, so I removed the removable arm from my sewing machine and placed a rubber-band at the desired seam allowance and used that as my guide for the 9 inch band and flap side.

Check out that flap!

Love this pillowcase, and it is so easy.

Stay tuned for the matching duvet cover!


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  1. Love the fabric and the tutorial!

    1. Thanks! It is hard not to love that fabric, unless you hate Star Wars. :)