Monday, November 18, 2013

Almost Never Infinity Scarf

This is my almost never infinity scarf.  I started this almost 3 years ago.  It is amazing to think that I was working for a different employer, my youngest son (2-years-old now) had not been born then, and the friend that I was making it for has moved from NYC to Virginia.  It is still cold enough in Virginia for this guy, don't you think?

It has sat in a canvas bag, in my craft closet, almost completed for over 2 years.

With this project, I had decided to make a true infinity scarf.  Since I collect patterns and images of knits that I like, I started scouring through them, and found this scarf from a knitting pattern calendar I was given circa 2006.  As is my  M.O. with patterns, I modified this sucker. Who wants to follow the pattern exactly anyway?  Am I right?  Well, sometimes I'm in over my head.

To begin, I cast on and knit several rows in the pattern with a different colored yarn to start, and then knit with the lovely cream colored yarn (again my favorite Lana Grossa's Bingo 100% Merino Wool) that I used for the whole of the scarf.  I had read up on how you could use a yarn needle to knit the unfinished edges together in order to create a true infinity scarf.  It appeared easy, peasy, right?  I did not realize that it would be more difficult than it looked (for me anyway)

So, after many unsuccessful attempts to stitch the 2 unfinished ends together, this beauty sat almost finished in my craft closet for 2 whole years.  When I started my Crocheted Scarf/Necklace projects, I decided that finishing her up was something I was going to do, even if I was not successful with knitting together part.  I was prepared to sew her together, with my sewing machine, if necessary, but she was coming out of the dark.

I gave the yarn needle approach one more try, and angles singing, I got it!

When I was finished 'sewing' both sides together, I turned to the wrong side to removed the cast on yarn (the blue), praying all the while that I had really gotten all the stitches correctly, and wasn't about to ruin the entire thing.

She is beautiful, if I do say so myself!  And headed for her new home in NOVA.  Take good care of her MK and enjoy.

And here I am giving her a photo op test drive. 

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  1. I love this Kel! I'm getting into knitting now. Maybe you can help me out with some projects one of these days. Love the blog! How do you have time, girl!
    Love from Maryland!

    1. Cam, ask away! My favorite how-to knitting book is For me it was very easy and clear to see the techniques and teach myself anything in it.

      But I also started simple, scarves - straight, easy rectangles.

      Any I love to help with projects. Just let me know.