Thursday, November 21, 2013

Plastic Bag Upgrade

Whoops!  Was that your head, Little Man?  Can Mama kiss it?

Some of you may still use a diaper pail, but with our second we didn't even break it out.  Firstly, we cloth diapered our second until 18 months, at which point he could pee through the most absorbent bamboo or hemp inserts with ease, and I was unwilling to stuff his pants so full that he would walk like he was sitting in a saddle.  So, now we use those pesky plastic bags that you get anywhere you buy something for our disposables.  The pee diapers get thrown once a day, while the stinkers get pitched right away.
In that vein we had this plastic bag holder which you can see leaning precariously over the changing pad in our change table topper.  Grandpa DIY'd our change table topper to fit our dresser, but the plastic bag holder was somehow not taken into account.  The older my son got, the more of a pain it became, sometimes literally.

To make a short story shorter, I got fed up and decided to do something about it.

I got some scrap 1x2's and cut them to fit the side and added some pocket holes with my kreg jig to attach.  I also applied to coats of Minwax Polycrylic with light sanding between the coats.

I applied wood glue to the ends and clamped both pieces in place, while I screwed them into place.

Then I had to apply some screws for the repurposed plastic bag holder attachment, and I made a mistake.

A few eighths of an inch off and the 'new' holder was going to swivel a bit too much when you tried to remove a bag.  Luckily, this product was wide enough to cover up my mistake with ease, and my new measurements were more precise.

Doesn't look too ghetto, does it?  Well, it sure takes care of the headaches!

Next to it I want to put some kind of wipe holder.  Hmmmm...  Not sure how to do that yet, but I am sure I will think of something.


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