Friday, August 15, 2014

Holey Jeans to Shorts

I am guessing that if you have children, this is a familiar look - holes in the knees.  These were almost new jeans (really, I know because I bought them new), in which my son managed to put holes within a 3 week period.

How do I know?

Because we were on our yearly 3 week vacation.

I purposely brought these pants because they did not have holes in them, and we were visiting my in-laws.  I know it is not the most important thing, but if you see your mother-in-law once a year, you don't bring holey pants with you.  :)

Despite contemplating creating a patch for these pants to try and get a little more wear out of them, I finally decided to just upcycle them as shorts.  It's summer, and this solution would get them back into circulation and out of my growing patch/hole pile much faster.

When I have created shorts from holey jeans before, I found them sometimes to be a bit short.  As a result, I broke out my scraps and found a longish piece of cool Star Wars fabric left over from my Pottery Barn Pillowcase Tutorial and Tutorial: Baby/Toddler Duvet Cover Part 2.  By using a lining from scrap pile I would not have to sacrifice too much length to get a nice finished edge on the inside.

I cut my scrap to 2 inches wide.

Next, I measured it against the rough edge where I cut off the holey knees.

 I cut the scrap fabric with an approximate 1/4th inch seam allowance.

After sewing the seam in my 2 inch scrap fabric, I pinned right sides together, lining up the scrap seam with the single jeans seam on the outside.

I sewed a straight stitch with a 1/4 inch seam and then zigzagged the edges.

Folding the top rough edge of my scrap lining down to the straight stitch, I pinned and pressed this fold in place.

Turning the jeans inside out, I folded the jeans at the seam and pressed and pinned the lining in place.

Finally, I sewed a straight stitch using white jeans thread at the edge of the folded lining.

I think they look great!  Maybe it is the fact that I interrupted his playing, but could he look less excited?

Another piece of clothing saved!!!!


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