Monday, October 21, 2013

Score! 80s Cool Vintage Fabric

Is the 80s vintage yet?  It makes me feel old, but that is what I am going to call it.

My family and I ate dinner last night with my parents, a.k.a. Grandma and Grandpa.  While they are still settling into their house coming up on a year now in November, Grandma discovered some fabric that she wanted to give to Good Will.  Lucky me, she asked me if to take a look at it first.

This blue knit with matching crazy mesh pattern fabric is the real prize!

Soooo, I am dreaming of some great 80's/90's mesh Tee's for my husband and I for Halloween, which it looks like I am going to have to create on the fly (which is what I love to do anyway), since I can't seem to find any patterns or many pictures for that matter.  I must being using poor search terms, which I seem to do often.  It is a handicap on the internet.

I really love the the multi colored animal stripe (?) pattern with matching knit, and I want that for myself, but seeing as how I know Grandma originally bought it either for me or my sister AND the other 2 colors are different shades of PINK, I will grudgingly let my husband wear blue whenever I get around to making something with this. 

I constantly dream of all the things that I want to make, and I always have several fingers in many different pots hoping at least one of my many imagined creations will actually, not only become a reality but be functional as well.

Keep an eye out for kids light sabers!  My names may have been inspired by Star Trek, but I love most things scifi!


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