Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Sunshine Art

Images of the sun and sun shine always makes me feel happy.  So when I saw this beautiful piece of sunshine art that Cheri made at IAmMommaHearMeRoar.net, I added it to a monstrous list of things I want to do...someday.  She in turn was inspired by this post by InspiredByCharm.com.  I loved both pieces.  Simple, sweet, and heart-warming.

Now, again this was on my list-o-things I would love to do, but not particularly on my radar, until my son who started kindergarten this year wanted to make something for his old preschool teacher, Miss LaTonya.

We found Miss LaTonya at our second preschool experience.  She was/is a Godsend.  Our son didn't care to learn his letters or numbers until he met Miss LaTonya.  After he joined her class, he wanted to go to school.  He didn't cry when he had to go to school.  He made friends.  He grew exponentially both mentally and socially.

Sooooo, for all the beautiful things that she brought to our son and to us as a family, I wanted to give her a little bit of perpetual sunshine. 

  •  5 1 x 2s cut 9in. long
  • sanding paper (I used 220 grit)
  • wood glue
  • painters tape
  • wood stain (we used golden pecan)
  • several different paint colors (we used 3 different oops paints)
  • self leveling picture hanger or other

I used wood glue and scrap 1 x 2s (yellow pine).  Cutting the 1 x 2s, 9 inches long (there are 5), I sanded them and then glued them together with wood glue, leaving them clamped together overnight.  The following evening, I stained the piece with a light wood stain for the rays.  The next night, I used painter's tape to create my version of the sun, so that my son, who wanted to paint it, didn't feel pressure to stay in drawn pencil lines with a paint brush.  He's talented, but I was afraid that might just be too much.  My son picked out the colors and where to paint them from my Lowes oops paint collection.  If you haven't discovered oops paint yet, it is a wonderful way to purchase super cheap paint for craft projects.  He always amazes me with his artistic thoughtfulness. 

I think it turned out wonderfully. 

After the paint dried, I sanded very lightly to give it a bit of an aged feel before applying 2 coats of Polyurethane to seal it, lightly sanding between coats. 

When the sealant had dried, I attached a hanger to the back so that the piece could be displayed on the wall. 

I hope you have enjoyed my little bit of perpetual sunshine.

We love you, Miss LaTonya!

Kelley & Artem

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