Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Bucket List

Here is my DIY Bucket List: a list of all the crafts and projects that I want to complete.  I expect it to grow exponentially, but I will link to all my posts when I accomplish one.  Many of my projects will be an attempt to solve storage space in our shrinking home (~1600sq/ft).

  • Flat bookcase inspired by Ana Whites wall rack to go behind my kid 1 bedroom door.
  • Flat bookcase inspired by Ana Whites wall rack to go behind my kid 2 bedroom door.
  • Bunk beds for my boys.  I am going for a combo of these 2 ideas:
  • Daybed for our living room.
  • Over door storage basket in bathroom that is actually small.
  • Gut master bathroom
  • Gut second bathroom
  • Craft cart on wheels that I can roll out of the way - imagine this only smaller
  • Cool upcycled denim potholders
  • Cool upcycled denim floor mat - image this on your floor

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