Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Union Jack Jeans

Union Jack Gap Jeans
One of my favorite bloggers, Ashley at makeit-loveit.com, who is very talented with her sewing machine, found these fabulous jeans at Gap (that's her picture to the left) with a Union Jack patch made out of jean material.  She also provides a tutorial on how she duplicated this look.

Now I loved this look so much, that I did my own.  The only difference, is that I didn't cut a hole in perfectly good pair of jeans to sew my union jack patch on.  I used it as a patch on a knee that my son had blown out.  So another pair of pants saved!  Give him a few weeks (sometimes days) on a pair of pants and the knees are shot.

Lucky me, my husband was ready to toss 2 pairs of jeans that he had worn holes in awkward places that just weren't repairable anymore.  Score for upcycling!

Here is my version.

Notice the other knee is on its way out.  I am working on an American flag patch for that knee.

Now that it is getting cold outside, these guys are in circulation again.  I noticed yesterday morning when I was putting some laundry away after my little, big man had gotten dressed that he actually chose to wear these jeans, meaning he pulled them out from under other jeans to wear them.  Being a little OCD about folding and laundry, I am a Mama that notices these things.  Usually he is a pull from the top of the pile kinda guy unless he really likes something.  This made me smile tons!

Something that I did differently, if you read the how-to on Ashley's site, is to add another full panel of jean material behind the layer that holds the Union Jack flag.  This Mama can only hope that it takes longer to wear through 2 layers of jeans than just one.  I love these jeans.  Too bad I don't have any jeans of mine that need patching.

This is my big man hamming it up for the camera.

He sure looks good in those jeans, but I am his Mama!

Lots of love,



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